Are You ...

  • Looking for ways to improve your leadership effectiveness or that of your managers, transform your organization's culture, or strengthen your teams in order to maximize employee productivity and fulfillment?

  • Trying to overcome your own or your employees' dysfunctional patterns of thinking, behaving or relating to others in and out of the workplace?

  • Looking for strategies for yourself or your employees to transition to a new position or as part of succession planning, totally new career, relationship, or phase of life such as mid-life?

  • On a path of self-discovery, in the process of developing a new identity, seeking a new more meaningful career, or finding meaning  and purpose in your life’s journey so far?

I am excited to partner with you to navigate these challenges through a new lens - a lens that values your unconscious wisdom. If you could think your way out of it, you would have figured it out already.

The common thread in all these challenges is the need to know yourself better so you have confidence to take the risks needed to reach your potential and in order to be more effective with others. Getting to know yourself better is hard work - unraveling patterns of thinking and behaving that get in the way of getting where you or your organization want to go. These patterns are mostly unconscious Detective work is needed as well as an alertness to clues that point to mysterious forces at work, and then skills can be developed to harness the wisdom that already exists within you.

If you’re looking for a new approach to addressing issues that goes beyond the surface level, gets to the heart of the matter, and empowers all involved to attain greater self knowledge, then check out my services for individuals and organizations with Deborah-alinea.

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