Your unconscious is a powerful source of wisdom and insight, but its language appears irrational and the key to unlocking the door to your unconscious is learning its language. Our unconscious speaks to us through dreams, intuition, synchronicity, complexes and projections, emotions, our bodies, and symptoms like anxiety.

To use this new lens, you have to be willing to look at things about yourself that you’d rather not look at AND learn the language of the unconscious.

“Leaning into the suck” (Sheryl Sandberg) is where the magic happens. But few have the courage to be vulnerable enough (Dr. Brene Brown) to go to the dark place, the shadow (C.G. Jung) or experience the dark night of the soul (James Hillman) needed to find the treasure, the gold, the new insight at the end of the Hero’s journey (Joseph Campbell) and then be willing to be rejected until you figure out how to share your newly acquired perspective and gifts and be of service to others (Jesus).

I love the yucky stuff (one of my technical terms), the shadow, the dark night of the soul, because as painful as it is, this is where we find our true gifts and get on the path of achieving our true potential. Whether you are a woman trying to overcome your own limited thinking, or a man confused about why you cannot seem to make your love partner happy, or an executive questioning your own leadership ability because you can’t get employees to do what you know they can do, or are addicted to finding meaning in every moment of the day (me), I can help you tap into the unconscious forces behind your limiting situation.

With an expertise in depth psychology (psychology of the unconscious), along with 25 years of developing a natural ability to connect in meaningful ways with people who are seeking to get to some kind of next level, I am particularly adept at providing a safe space for people to reflect in a way that is needed to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually.

If you’re ready to go deep, willing to set your ego and what you think you know about yourself and others aside, then you’re ready for an adventure that can feel a little like your own Netflix series.

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