I've had experience leading teams as small as 3 and as large as 85 before coming to Playworks. I thought I was doing a pretty good job. I talked a lot about goal setting, personal growth, and was always sure to follow-through on regular performance evaluations. Working with Deborah has opened my eyes to a whole world of personal and team health that I was overlooking. I've learned from her the importance of first digging deep and doing some inner work. To think about your personal motivations, passions, and sometimes even your childhood complexes. It's important for a leader to know how they are presenting themselves to their team, and to be transparent about their own journey. She also demonstrated the importance of a deep, genuine, authentic connection with your staff. To understand their personality type, their strengths. To understand also that there is no way to separate work life and "real" life. We need to acknowledge the whole person. 


I learned from Deb that lots of tools and frameworks are not important. Find out what your team values, what your team needs to be successful, and then find the right tools to support your team's passion and intention. Regularly revisit these tools, and hold people accountable for them. 

Tom Cramer, Program Manager, Playworks WI

You have a special talent and I hope you help more souls like me. It truly means a ton. You have helped me a immensely at this time in my life, and I know there was a reason why you came in my life when you did. I appreciate you so much. Don’t stop doing what you do. You have a gift for the right person. So grateful for you.

Relationship Workshop Attendee and Coaching Client


I love your “come alongside” attitude rather than a “you need to” approach to coaching.  Your sensitivity to unique organizational cultures leads to solutions we embrace as our own.  Experience is one thing, but your ability to inspire confidence in our own ability to achieve our vision is unique.  Finally, you demand we stay focused, on message and produce actionable plans. I also like you, and you’re fun to work with!    


Curt Laetz, Board Member, New Beginnings Are Possible,

Consulting Client

Deb does an amazing job using creativity to bring out the best emotion in our lives! After the class I attended, I learned a lot about my emotions, and what was pent up inside that couldn’t get out. In the class, we used simple activities that were able to release these emotions in different ways. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about my self, but more importantly, I was able to release some feelings that I didn’t even realize I was feeling. Any class to learn about yourself is worth the time and the money!! Deb does an amazing job using her life experiences, and references of others to guide you to learn about yourself in a relaxing environment.


Laura, Relationship Workshop Attendee

Deborah is a visionary who attaches detail and drive to her vision. We could not have accomplished our goals without her. Call me. I'll tell you about it!

Corey Navis, Senior Field Sales Executive, Kurzweil Education,

Consulting Client

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